“Jewellery goes beyond the aesthetic. How a piece looks is important but it's more than that. Jewellery captures stories and moments in time. It's a lasting testament to the craftsmanship required just to bring a design to life. It's how it feels and what it means. This is what's important...”

British designer Amanda Mansell creates her jewellery from her studio in Hatton Garden - the beating heart of London's historic Jewellery quarter.

Her unique designs are infused by the vibrant energy of the city she loves. They're inspired by a passion to lead the charge for creative British design. They're drawn from an obsession with creating beautiful objects of the highest quality.

Simple and clean design. Design that's free from clutter and elevates the minimalism of the simple circle to something extraordinary. Design that’s smart: that's only visible when a surprise is magically revealed, making you smile...

And recent fascinations with the Enso symbol, and with Wabi Sabi's beauty of things imperfect, has brought a stunning new direction for recent collections. Collections that Amanda will be showcasing at the prestigious Goldsmiths fair in October for the second year running.